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Brazilian doctor suspected of killing 300 people

A doctor may have killed as many as 300 patients at a hospital in Brazil. The Daily Shift’s Nicole O’ Connor has the story…

Virginia Soares de Souza is accused of killing up to 300 of her patients.

Virginia Soares de Souza is accused of killing up to 300 of her patients.

A Brazilian doctor is being investigated on suspicion of intentionally killing patients to free up beds at a hospital in south Brazil.

Virginia Soares de Souza (56), has been head of intensive care in the Hospital Evangelico in Curitiba since 2006 and is accused of killing up to 300 patients.

De Souza is accused of having administered “fatal doses of a muscle relaxant or cutting off patients’ life support” in each separate case.

Dr Mario Lobato, who is leading the investigation, said: “There are 20 cases which have already been closed, and we have nearly 300 cases still open which we are looking at.”

Dr Labato also said De Souza had “played God” in deciding which of the patients should die in order to free up beds in the hospital.

Dr Labato then said one patient had “just asked a nurse for a cup of water. This nurse testified that one of the things she will never forget is that she didn’t manage to give him the cup of water because by the time she returned he had already died.”

Dr de Souza is accused of masterminding a “gang of death” involving several members of her team.

A nurse and three doctors have been arrested as part of the investigation on suspicion of collaboration.

Dr de Souza denies the charges against her and her lawyer Elias Mattar Assad said his client was innocent. He said “Soon we will be able to prove that what happened in that ward can be justified in medical writings.”

De Souza will have been a more prolific serial killer than the British doctor Harold Shipman, who killed more than 200 people, if found guilty.

Dr Harold Shipman was convicted in 2000 of killing 15 patients while working in Hyde, Greater Manchester, before hanging  himself in 2004.

*Lead image courtesy of independent.co.uk
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