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Rosie McLoughlin Dies of Rett Syndrome

The Daily Shift’s Barry Gormley reports on the tragic passing of Manchester United Star Wayne Rooney’s sister in law, Rosie McLoughin…

Coleen Rooney at the bedside of Rosie McLoughlin who suffered from Rett Syndrome

Coleen Rooney at the bedside of Rosie McLoughlin who suffered from Rett Syndrome

The family of Coleen Rooney are in mourning over the death of her 14-year-old sister, at 2:50am on Saturday 5 January. Rosie McLoughlin died in her home in Liverpool, England, after fighting a lifelong battle with Rett syndrome, a serious illness caused by defects in the X chromosome. In addition to the football star’s wife, Rosie is survived by her parents, Tony and Colette McLoughlin, and her brothers, Joe and Anthony.

Rosie was adopted by the Liverpool couple at the age of two, when her big sister Coleen was 14. She showed signs of abnormal development early on, as Rosie could not use her hands as much as a typical child her age. Before long she lost any use of her hands and developed problems with swallowing her food. The McLoughlins began to seek help for Rosie, and had to wait roughly a year to receive a diagnosis of Rett Syndrom.

Rett is a disease of the brain, which causes developmental reversals and often leads to an early death. Throughout her life Rosie was frequently admitted either to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, or the Claire House Children’s Hospice, both of which received a heartfelt thank you from Tony and Colette, in a recent interview with The Daily Mirror. Rosie’s condition was such that by the age of eight she could neither walk or talk, and had to be fed through a tube that went into her stomach. Her struggle, and that of her parents, inspired Coleen to take part in a programme about the disorder, and how places like Claire House are funded.

*Lead image via mirror.co.uk
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One comment on “Rosie McLoughlin Dies of Rett Syndrome

  1. well i have a litte girl with rettsyndrome shes 5 years old and we meet the mc loughin family over in Lourdes , jessica was only 2 years old then, they helped me alots so i never got to thank them ,and i was very sad to here little rosie had pass away

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