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Reasons to love Ireland #4

The land of saints and scholars (and the occasionally dodgy fairytale) – you’d think the superstition would be confined to folklore but think again! Mark Roche of the Daily Shift has more…

I don’t think you could find another country in the world that uses superstition as a national standard on which to license cars. So certain were we that the Irish would not be a ’13 car, that the powers that be decided 131 was a much better, safer number. Little did we know 131 is Emergency Services in Chile and a musical moniker for the Indie genre.

*Lead image courtesy of Gravyandbiscuits
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After realising at age 12 I would never be the next R.L Stine, I donated most of my time to Music, Gaming, Film and TV. Since then, I have collected an extensive knowledge and eclectic taste in all things entertainment.

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