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Reasons to love Ireland #3

You surely know the score by now. In fairness, when we do something, the Irish don’t do it by half measures. Mark Roche of The Daily Shift shows a perfect example of the same below…

Last year, the minor Dublin GAA team got Harry Potter pissed!

The actor, Daniel Radcliffe went on the tear in the city centre and instead of returning home at a reasonable hour to rise early for the shooting of his new movie, he decided to get twisted with a bunch of half naked, testosterone fuelled men. As you do! 

10 points to Gryffindor!! Radcliffe pictured with the Goblet of Fire – Courtesy of Rukkle.com

Naked lad, fist in the air, Tom Markham Cup: Yep, definitely Ireland! – Courtesy of Rukkle.com

Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory and Seamus Finnegan: Reunited at last! – Courtesy of Imgur.com

*Lead image courtesy of Gravyandbiscuits
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About Mark Roche

After realising at age 12 I would never be the next R.L Stine, I donated most of my time to Music, Gaming, Film and TV. Since then, I have collected an extensive knowledge and eclectic taste in all things entertainment.

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