Drunk rich girl rants: “My daddy is the highest earning partner of KPMG”

One unfortunate night of boozing for the daughter of ‘KPMG’s highest earning partner’ has resulted in a spate of class hatred and a torrent of abuse. Mark Roche of The Daily Shift has more…

The video originally uploaded has been removed several times from Youtube but has failed to have been removed from video hosting sites such as Ebaumsworld and LiveLeak.

Twitter and Facebook users have been particularly enthusiastic in frenzied discussion about ‘KPMG Girl’ offering their opinion.

While many believed immediately that the girl was wrong and still do to some extent, the context of her age and happenings prior to the video have come to light which suggest a general consensus that, many of the Irish public have had embarrassing moments in their youth which they would hate to be broadcast to the world; this girl’s social standing leaves her a little more vulnerable to the speculative eye of the public domain.

LiveLeak.com video link

Lead image courtesy of Youtube/ John Ray (Original uploader)
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After realising at age 12 I would never be the next R.L Stine, I donated most of my time to Music, Gaming, Film and TV. Since then, I have collected an extensive knowledge and eclectic taste in all things entertainment.

65 comments on “Drunk rich girl rants: “My daddy is the highest earning partner of KPMG”

  1. Can’t believe it’s gone down already. #KPMG will be absolutely losing it

  2. The girl is a kid who is drunk and these guys are videoing her. They do not work there, they are just scumbags by the sound of it. Clearly they were rude to her and she is retaliating.

  3. The abuse she’s getting on twitter is as bad as the stick the nurse got from the Royal prank phone call a while back.
    Bit harsh considering she’s only 17.

    • Yep. And just like that situation, if something sadly dark or sinister were to arise out of this, everybody would change their tune markedly. Its sad how bad people are for turning on each other

  4. They are scumbags “by the sound of it”. Am I the only.one who thinks you are kpmg girl in disguise?

  5. In fairness the video comes in at a point where the girl is pretty pissed off and she is definitely retaliating to an insult or snide comment that they provoked her with. I’m not saying what she said was right, but the lads videoing it definitely said something ignorant to her too, it goes both ways?

  6. Being drunk does not make you so vile, or such a stuck up snob. This girl is getting what she deserves, she’s the bully..

    • No, it doesn’t. But she’s drunk AND about 16. A kid. Yes, she sounds like she feels very entitled and probably has a horrible value system but she’s still only a kid and obviously very wound up about something.

      The lads videoing her – and then consciously, deliberately putting it up for the world to see (more than once, too) – are at least a few years older than her Id imagine from the sounds of it and therefore far worse in my eyes. If she was 10 years older, Id have much less sympathy and feel waaaay less inclined to rein in the lynch mob.

      And before anyone tars me with the “Oh, you must be the girl or know the girl” line : Nope, I’m not – I’m 29, not rich, and not from a wealthy family. But we all have embarrassing moments, and I’d hate to see another situation where a young girl who doesnt yet have the resolve and experience to deal with this sorta storm ends up feeling like she has to do something drastic.

      • Well said – completely agree.

      • @Niall, seeing this statement a lot ‘come on, she’s SIXTEEN’, so it’s okay to be rude and obnoxious and invoke class-hatred when you’re 16? News to me

      • @ Jimbo:

        No, try not to make everything so simplistic. Im not saying that her behaviour was fine because she was 16. Clearly its not okay. That would be stupid. She is quite probably a an arrogant tool, materialistic as hell, and with horrible values. And that’s for her parents to deal with, or anyone else she comes into contact with. It’ll bite her in the ass one way or the other.

        But my point was that she’s only a kid, and therefore its not really appropriate to publicly lynch her. Unless you’re okay with all bad behaviour being addressed through public ridicule and abuse from strangers? Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the age of the internet. I would hate for any of my darker moments to be immortalised in cyberspace, but if it did ever happen, at least Im old enough and tough enough to be able to deal with it.

      • Do you want to work for KPMG that badly?

      • age is no excuse for reacting and acting that way. if she thinks she is old enough to drink then she should face the consequences of her acts. neither being drunk is an excuse for your acts. if this was a different case, where she had physically abused someone else while drunk, under age or not, there are still consequences to be faced.

        education comes in here big time, i would expect more from a “wealthy” family. they should be able to provide a descent education to their children – at school and mostly at home. not because ones family has money means that you can do whatever you want, talk down on people as you wish and expect praises. manners come from home.

        she should face the embarrassment, maybe it will be the only way to make her see being a spoilt brat gets you nowhere. hoping she will grow up to be a better person rather than a complete b*tch

      • Nice that people cant read. I elaborated on my point here already ad nauseum. I did not say in any way that her age excused it. I said that it was a factor that should be taken seriously into account when everyone is publicly lambasting a young girl who I’m sure is already mortified and scarred.

        And @ roscommonman : Snide put downs are always a great contribution to any discussion/argument. Why even bother? For the record, I’m from a working class family, where one parent worked, so no silver spoon and I have zero designs on working for KPMG or any other large tier professional service firm. Hate the bottom-line culture, I’m fairly left-ish in terms of how I think about wealth and its distribution. But even if I did want that, Id earn it the hard way. I just don’t like people cowering behind their keyboards and laying into a young girl – however misguided, ignorant or stupid she may have been – who suffered enough public embarassment the second the video went viral

    • Emma – 16 years old … come on , we were all drunk and 16 once

  7. Your true colours come out when you’re absolutely cabbage faced and the worst I ever do is dance like an absolute DERP. You can see her friends are mortified and maybe the lads did say something to her before pressing record…. Sure, it’ll be something to quote for the next few weeks, until some other eejit crops ups. KPMG! KPMG!!!

  8. This girl is just a spoilt brat. You can be from a wealthy family and still be decent. But she looks down on people. It seems like her friends don’t even like her. They look ashamed. Hope this girl learns her lesson and does some charity work to appreciate that the really important meaningful things in life have nothing to do with what “doddy has in his wallet”.

  9. whats shocking about this is the fact that hardly anyone is attacking these clearly older men for recording a young girl (trying to get a shot up her skirt etc).its digusting. everyone does absolutley retarded things when they’re drunk. anyone who is giving her abuse should think about silly things that they themselves have done. nobody is a saint

  10. Let he who was a model 16 year old drunk cast the first stone…

  11. So 16, so why was she drinking and why was she out in pubs and clubs so who is actually to blame her parents I guess

    • Unfortunately a lot of 16 year olds drink. You can hardly say her parents are to blame. We didn’t seen the whole conversation. It is hard to judge her when you don’t have all the facts.

    • Unfortunately that’s a problem that isn’t confined to her social class, or even to Dublin in Ireland. It’s everywhere, and to focus on some poor girl who’s had her worst moments immortalised isn’t fair.

  12. “This girl’s unfortunate social standing”. If what she claims about her father is true she is anything but unfortunate apart from not being able to handle her drink which is frankly nothing to do with social class.

  13. Okay, clearly there are some here who have never said anything hurtful, stupid, mean hearted or cruel- there are clearly people here who have never been children, never been teens and never been drunk- there are clearly some of you here who have never been wound up by a friend, a family member or a group of older teenage boys waving about a camera and trying to catch some embarrassing shots- well good for you. But try to have some sympathy for those less fortunate than yourself and not too judge them so harshly- not everyone is perfect and please allow for us mortals to get drunk, get angry, say something stupid and then likely regret it with the company of a hangover later. Those of you who have lead the privileged existence of perfection could have some sympathy for her- you know considering that she too loves to hawk on about how much she has and how little others do. Or you know you could hound a adolescent and ruin her life- completely up to you.
    Just so you know- Not the girl, not rich, not poor, buy stuff in pennys, etc etc

  14. The amount of people defending her here and blaming the guy videoing is ridiculous, he has done nothing wrong and is only videoing because they’re being verbally abused.

  15. If she is old enough to be going out getting drunk then she’s old enough to take resposability for her actions. Yes i have been young and drunk,and yes i have done stupid things but 1) nothing as outrageously ignorant as this 2) nothing i have not taken responsability for.
    Her morals and values in life are non existent and the only thing that matters to her is clear, social status and money. Fair play to her dad if he is KPMG’s highest earner but that says nothing for her. What does she earn or do?!? 17 or not, ignorance and opinions like hers dont just appear when a person is drunk. I genuinly believe that she is an upper class snob that has of yet achieved none of it herself yet somehow thinks she deserves it all. She deserves every bit of abuse she gets after bullying people like that. And maybe those lads did say something to start her off but you can be sure it wouldnt even measure up to the things she’s saying because 1) the lads and her are quite calm at the start of the video 2) none of her friends defended her . Clearly she’s the one responsible and she should be ashamed

    • Well said. The only part I would disagree with is ‘She deserves every bit of abuse she gets’. Then we are truly no better than her – worse, in fact, because the people abusing her are not under the influence.

      I would prefer to simply use her as an example of the numerous among us who are privileged, elitist, classist and ignorant – in a way, it is not even their fault that they have become like this. They were made, shaped and created by the system that creates such staggering inequality and then claims that the offspring of those at the top and bottom somehow ‘deserve’ their lot.

      She is the one responsible, right enough. But she’s not the only one.

  16. To the people saying she is only young
    And being bullied, you should be ashamed of yourself. Im a 21 year old woman who didnt have a great upbringing ( i was brought up in foster care) and am out earning a living since im 14. I work my arse off to pay rent and i earn 10.60 an hour and i was so humiliated and offended by this video. Its BAD people like her that make my life a misery ( i serve snobby posh egotistical snibs like that every day in work) and they make me feel worthless. What she said was diagusting regardless of her age or drunken state. Only 17 you say?? More then old enough to know better. Disgusting behavious she should hang her head in shame.

    • Hi Charlie. You are 21 and earning a living after been brought up in foster care. Don’t feel humiliated,feel proud. They can’t make you feel worthless if you stand proud and don’t let them. You are standing on your own two feet. Thats far from worthless. :)

    • @Charlie :

      “… you should be ashamed of yourself”. Really? Well, I partially hold those views you set out at the start, and I’m sure as hell not ashamed of myself. We hold different opinions and to make such a sweeping statement about all people who hold a different view to you is, frankly, stupid. And elitest in its own way, ironically.

      You had a hard start in life, worked your ass off and made something of yourself. That’s fantastic, and you should be very proud of yourself. That’s more than the majority of people will ever be able to say. And it sucks that you had to overcome so many obstacles that others don’t. But don’t take the best part of yourself and use it as a stick with which to beat others. We’re all different and people grow up at different rates. This girl clearly has some serious issues that need fixing, and holds some abhorrent views. Anyone she said something like this to would be well entitled to have a good go at her. But she’s a kid and I will NEVER condone the actions of a kid being tried in the court of public opinion, by way of viral video and the making of faceless comments on the internet. That is not noble; its cowardly and, yeah, I’d consider the guys who consciously uploaded this video to be vindictive. Teenagers are fragile, they’re frequently stupid, and they are not particularly well equipped to deal with public ridicule. She brought it on herself but get down from your high horse and don’t be telling others that they should be ashamed because they see things differently. Its not like anyone was championing her views or anything.

  17. Are people just assuming she’s 16/17 because she looks young? I’m constantly told I look 17 and always get asked for ID but I’m 24! I do feel sorry for this girl but purely because the whole nation has seen a video of how condescending she was to a complete stranger. Fair enough, the guy probably shouldn’t of recorded her, but again, who is to say that he is older? he has a deep voice…that means he’s 30 odd? So to say that he shouldn’t of recorded it because he’s older is way too presumptuous and is only a way to take the blame off her. I feel most sorry for her dad because he’s going to lose a lot of respect over this and has to clean up this mess. Imagine him facing all his colleagues on Monday morning? No thanks…

    I do agree that we don’t know the whole story, he more than likely did provoke her but at the same time he only started to record at the point we see her start to give out. However there must have been a reason for him to whip out the camera in the first place. So maybe she was acting just as ignorant and obnoxious before and that’s why he recorded her.

    We all do stupid things when we are drunk, spend the next day fear and all that. But this girl obviously believes all the things she was saying. Diminishing €10 an hour? Well obviously she hasn’t worked a day in her life. Telling the guy he is going to get no where in life, that he’s a loser. She is the bully in this situation. Being young and drunk is no excuse for being so belittling to a person especially if they were being recorded. She really has no cop-on for continuing to act like a spoiled brat when she could clearly see he was being recorded. Any smart person would shut the f**k up straight away. She’s got no one to blame but herself in this situation, and she needs to face the consequences for her actions.

    • even though this young lady was mean spirited and the person recording her actions may have antagonized her.i presume that both are irish.and it is ashamed to let class hatred on either side divide the irish people.rich people should share more and poor people should learn to respect there betters in a dignified manner.

  18. Where the hell were her parents? 16 (apparently) and drunk and pissed up on booze in the city centre. I would never have been allowed get up to stuff like this girl was.

  19. She’s only 16! Can we all take a look back to when we were her age? I’m sure we’ve all had those morning after the nights before where were so embarrassed by last nights antics, only for the most of us we had the luxury of iPhones, YouTube etc not existing. Regardless of who was in the wrong or right, she’s at the age where she’s meant to be making mistakes and learning from them.
    It also disgusts me the things people will say when hiding behind a computer screen. If u were facing that girl would the people with the disgusting, negative things to say be really ‘brave’ enough to say them? As Oscar Wilde famously said – ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth’.

  20. A drunken mind speaks a sober heart, the scary thing is a lot of people from the wealthy Irish classes have these opinions, however they only choose to express them in private or when provoked. If you have these opinions when you are a young adult then it’s unlikely that they’re going to change.

    The bankers and politicians who contributed to the downturn in the economy presumably had similar attitudes.

  21. I feel so sorry for this girl! We’ve all had drunken night and said stuff or done stuff we’re not proud of and have been lucky enough not to have had such moments broadcast to the world! I don’t know this girl so am thinking that this elitest attitude mightn’t even be representative of her – she’s twisted and alcohol changes people and makes them say stuff they wouldn’t usually think. I think the guys recording it should be ashamed. Was there ever a time of gentlemen who’d look after girls who were a bit worse for wear instead of antagonising them and filming them?! Would they like if someone did this to their sister?! A bit of humanity goes a long way, money and social status aside!

  22. making a recording of this girl and putting it online is cyber bullying..and we all know what that has led to recently.

    • what about the people who may commit suicide from the stresses of debt and struggles with money. Its clear to me that the only bullying taking place in this video is a rich fool trying to slag everyone else. Cyber bullying works both ways so stop being a suck up and suck it up.

  23. Anyone else perfect and never done anything stupid drunk? Well im not, shes a clown for saying that but nothing worse then we have all done. Bit spoilt dont get me wrong, and i would have been first to tell her what i thought of her if i had a few drinks and was there, but can people just relax, she was locked, didnt kill anyone. Those lads are as bad. They put that video up sober the next day no doubt, thats harsh and shouldnt be allowed. Idiots posting that up for a laugh. Hope the girl just relaxes and realises in 3 days this will be forgotten in the majority of circles.

  24. totally unacceptable to be taping a young drunk girl then plasteringing it on the internet no matter what she said.Anyone defending this guys actions would want their heads examined.

  25. Regardless of the content of the video the people filming it were older and taking advantage of the girl who is a minor and clearly was in a vulnerable state being drunk and not completely aware of the consequences of her rant. The guys who filmed it and then chose to put it up should be prosecuted and the girl should be left alone. This internet backlash and cyber bullying is exactly the sort of thing that leads to suicides in too many unnecessary cases.

  26. Everytime she says KPMG we have to do a shot! Fucking hilarious!!!!

  27. I found it to be a really boring video. Just some girl sounding drunk.

    Although if you listen closely, you realize she has very valuable advice in that she really is going to go further in life than the guys shooting the video because of who her father is.

  28. Turns out Daddy is a Porter at KPMG not a Portner, so he opens the door for the highest paid Portners at KPMG ha ha.

  29. I couldn’t agree more with Aisling.
    What is remarkable when you watch this video is how relentless the guys doing the film are in their antagonising of the girl. They are not just having a laugh. They are trying very hard to distress the girl. They have invaded her privacy under cover of anonymity. Their laughter on the tape is that of stupid, nasty people.
    What the girl says on tape while distressed and angry is not the point. You don’t have to take any view on her remarks to see that clearly she did not give her consent to be filmed or for the film to be publicised. She is a citizen whose right to privacy has been violated. It would be good to see her cowardly antagonists named and prosecuted.

  30. Old enough to go out, She is pure scum, imagine what she’d say to a begger on the street, her waitress, hairdresser, etc Hello!! DADDY and u are only rich because he robs us ”the plebs” everyday of the week, repossessing homes for the banks, doing useless reports for ministers etc etc

  31. She’s a bit of a dope

  32. She’s a crass, jumped-up idiot, probably the product of crass, jumped-up parents who can’t get over the fact that they’re accountants! Only in Ireland.

  33. She deserves all the abuse. She oissed on the floor. Like what a dirt!!

    Pray, don’t find fault with the man that limps or stumbles along the road. Unless you have worn the shoes he wears or struggled beneath his load.

    There may be tacks in his shoes that hurt though hidden away from view. Or the burden he bears placed on your back might cause you to stumble too.

    Don’t sneer at the man who’s down today unless you have felt the blow that caused his fall or felt the shame that only the fallen know.

    You may be strong but still the blow that was his, if dealt to you in the selfsame way, at the selfsame time might cause you to stagger too.

    Don’t be too harsh with the man that sins or pelt him with word or stone unless you are sure – yea, doubly sure – that you have no sins of your own.

    For you know, perhaps, if the tempter’s voice should whisper as soft to you as it did to him when he went astray it might cause you to falter too.

    Author Unknown

  35. What she’s saying is nasty !! But she’s a kid and she’s drunk . The guys videotaping her rant are wrong and taking advantage. I’m 37 from Tallaght a mother and I shop in Penny’s all the time. I genuinely am glad I’m not a teenager nowadays it’s horrible that every mistake you make can go viral scary scary thought. I just hope one of my kids doesn’t get caught acting like an arsehole (cause lets face it we are all human) and the whole world gets to laugh at them.

  36. Told to go away about 1.40 mins into rant, didnt, same again a min later, didnt, young lady who is about same age tells her to go away, didnt, friend didnt stop her, maybe holds same views…… mummy and duddy get legal team to remove footage as daughter sent to family holiday home in south of france, to avoid the shame, this kinda stuff has gone on for years in ireland, pure snobbery, when you have every chance in life handed to you on a plate, doesnt mean you can behave like a brat, the right schools, grinds, uni, a sporty golf or mini with ugg boots in the boot, and then a job handed to you because you fit into the cycle. One of the problems during the so called celtic tiger was we didnt tell people of all ages who go like this to “shutup”

    In the cold light of day- 430,000 out of work, close to 200,000 left the country in last 2 years, 22% of irish households have a person out of work in it,(double the eu average) over the last couple of decades the rich have got richer every decade and the poor have got poorer, massive social injustice, huge social problems, and a ruling lazy political class who make sure its the gombeens who get looked after, not the people who have cop on and are looking for positive change. She sneers at a lot of people all over ireland the way she talks, but now she can write a book about it and go on the late late show, and be a poster girl for the campaign against joining up the luas tracks, or maybe she would sit a IQ test with the guy who shot the footage, who was clever enough to put it up in the first place…………… ps sure she was just drunk ??????

  37. For one thing she’s not 16. the second just because the lads have a deep voice doesnt make them older then her. and thirdly she came over to them scabbing pizza and they told her to go away and she wouldnt. yes they shouldnt have recorded her but she was clearly giving abuse i dont care what age anyone is you dont slag someone off becaused you family not you make more money then others its rude and for those that are saying awh but shes drunk shes drunk thats no excuse i could be plastered drunk i would bring my family into a slagging match shes too imiture for her own good and needs a good slap of reality end of.

  38. This should never have been put on on line.It was a verbal spate in a take away with all parties involved under the influence of alcohol. It was put up to embarrass her and her friends and clearly shows one side only of some stupid argument fuelled by alcohol. A lot of teenagers behave silly with drink on board. And i agree with previous omments that she was defending herself verbally in the only way she know. Her comments I would say are not even her own personal beliefs but there is a game of tit for tat been played here. The guys are riling her up and she is too young and innocent to realise it.
    Just because you say something when you are drunk it does not mean that you beleive it. I am disgusted that this is on you tube, it is bullying of the highest order towards the young girl talking and the young boys that posted the video who probely posted it on you tube drunk at 4am in the morning on their smart phones not realisig that it could start such a torrent of abuse towards the young girl. I am a bar manager for 20 years and I have seen a lot worst things been said and done by young people with alcohol board. With all the talk of cyber bullying and its dreadful consequences I hope that this video is taking down. This girl, her friends and her family and all young boys and girls every where deserve better than this.

  39. Here here Niamh. One major negative about internet accessibility nowadays has to be this. Just a silly young girl, being really rude during the early hours under the influence of alcohol. Her punishment should’ ve been just ‘f’ off there and then and maybe a few other expletives thrown in, surely??? Instead of disproportionate media mania and public judgement weeks after the event.

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