The greatest story ever retold; Jesus The Remake

‘Jesus The Remake’ is a feature film telling the story of Jesus Christ, but in a modern-day setting; Mark Roche of The Daily Shift previews the greatest story ever retold…

An independent Irish film looks to produce a biblical epic for the 21st century. Epic Productions have shot the piece for just €2000.

Written by Dave Horgan and directed by Chris Cullen the movie will star a number of up and coming Irish actors including Lisa O’ Leary (Maggie), Joe Lyons (Fr Owen), Rupert Stutchbury (Fr Storm) and the likes of more experienced, Raymond Brothers (Jesus) and Kieran O’ Leary.

A synopsis describes the film:

“Jesus is a musician who uses his songs to get his message out to the world. He, along with his girlfriend Maggie, form a band with some of the apostles and begin to tour locally in Ireland. His songs are his sermons, the gospels are blogs. Coverage on social networks including Facebook and YouTube gain the band a cult following. The attention is not, however, universally positive with two dogmatic priests threatened by his claims of divinity. As Jesus’ popularity grows, so too does the threat from the renegade priests, who are prepared to stop him at all costs”.

The production quality evident from the trailer is exceptional and has The Daily Shift excited to see what the final product offers. With a cast and crew as well rounded, we can’t see any reason as to why this won’t hit international film festivals and make a name for itself.

*Lead image courtesy of Jesustheremake.com
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About Mark Roche

After realising at age 12 I would never be the next R.L Stine, I donated most of my time to Music, Gaming, Film and TV. Since then, I have collected an extensive knowledge and eclectic taste in all things entertainment.

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