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Trending on Twitter: #EndOfTheWorldConfessions

It’s Doomsday and Twitter is alive with things people simply had to confess should the world end today. The Daily Shift’s Jessica Thompson has compiled some of her favourite tweets…

2012 Apocalypse

Here comes the end of the world…

So it’s that time of existence again. You know the time I’m on about; that time when some people, like the Mayans, think the world is going to end, so we go out and make the best of what’s left of our lives and admit to crazy things?

Just to clarify, the Mayan calendar didn’t include leap years, so technically, if their calendar was right, the world would have ended years ago. Also, my phone has been predicting weather into next week, implying that there will, in fact, be weather next week. So you can stop worrying now. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I’ve had a bit of a scroll through Twitter’s recent trend, #EndOfTheWorldConfessions and I’ve picked out a few of my favourites from the hundreds of crazy confessions that have been posted.

First of all, here are a few normal confessions that we could all be guilty of…

Boxer ShortsDon’t worry JB, it’s an easy mistake to make!

Girls bathroomI once peed in the boys’ bathroom. I walked in there and there were no urinals, so I didn’t cop I was in the wrong bathroom. I was disgusted at how filthy and disgusting it was. And then I walked out and saw the girls’ toilet right in front of me and thought; “Oh, that’s why…” Filthy boys. Filthy, filthy boys…

GrapesWell you’d better go and pay for them, you thief!

NakedHow naughty… But I have to admit, I’m naked under my clothes too, so I can’t judge…

PeeWell it served the teacher right. When nature calls, you can’t ignore it.

PlagiarismIf you got away with it, fair play.

I came across so many stranger tweets where people pretend to be something they’re not. No, I don’t mean people putting on their heels while hoovering and pretending to be Beyonce, though one Tweeter did admit to such antics. No, I’m talking about really crazy things. Take a look:



SlugAs you do… Whatever you’re into I suppose. But here’s my personal favourite. I don’t know why, it just made me laugh out loud:

GlassI also came across a few hilarious movie-related confessions like these:

AnchormanAnd you blamed it on the dog? Shame on you Garret!

Finding NemoYour dad kidnapped Nemo… I hope you’re ashamed and embarrassed.

Of course, Mean Girls is very popular as always. Before I go any further, I’d just like to admit that I don’t even go here. I just have a lot of feelings…

Mean Girls

Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls 3

Mean Girls 4Aside from all the movie confessions, there have been some other funny tweets I came across.

Slim ShadyDo you realise you would have saved Eminem from repeating himself so many times if you’d only gotten up off your ass and stepped forward?

Talking DogFrom my experience, dogs are very honest creatures, so he may be right…

PiggyThe reason I put this one in is because I may or may not be guilty of the same, and the pig’s name would also be piggy… Just saying. Myself and Rachel have something in common.

So on that not, I will leave you all to make your own confessions. Feel free to comment on this post, and tell the world what you need to confess. But before you consider it, you should check out this tweet:

APRIL FOOL!You’re all fools; they were only pretending!

Have a great Christmas, because yes, it will be coming. Enjoy surviving the apocalypse.

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