What Happened at Sandy Hook Elementary

The Daily Shift’s Michael Cogley takes us through the shocking events as they unfolded during yesterday’s shooting in Connecticut…

Elementary school children being led to safety following a shooting in their school in Connectict

Elementary school children being led to safety following a shooting in their school in Connecticut

The events at Sandy Hook yesterday, December 14, shocked the world to a halt. With the sheer terrifying nature of the incident it took some time for facts to be revealed however we can now understand that the events unfolded as follows.

Adam Lanza, 20, walked into the elementary school at around half nine and began to open fire on teachers and students alike. It has been found that Lanza killed 20 children and six adults. The students ranged between five and ten years old. The ages and identities of the victims are still unreleased.

Lanza stormed the school in a bulletproof vest armed with two guns, a glock and a Sig Sauer. After concluding his spree Lanza then turned the gun on himself. Confirmed to have been killed in the shooting was the school principal Dawn Hochsprung, who heroically turned on the intercom to warn others.

Reports have suggested that earlier in the morning, Lanza killed his mother, who worked at the school, and then drove in with her car. It is also understood that the guns used in the shooting may have belonged to Lanza’s mother, Nancy.

With only one person who sustained an injury and lived asks questions as to Lanza’s accuracy shooting most to kill. Authorities have found that Lanza had been suffering from a personality disorder, despite this they are still bemused in search of a motive.

Before entering the classrooms, students had reported that they heard bangs and then a scream come across the intercom. Images of the children who survived are particularly shocking.

Lanza’s brother Ryan was arrested today in connection but was found to be “very co-operative” saying that he hadn’t seen or talked to his brother since 2010.

President Obama addressed the nation in a tear-filled speech, expressing his deepest sympathies for the parents of the children who would not “be able to hold them close and tell them they love them”. Saying they had their whole lives ahead of them it was easy to see why he welled up. He also hinted toward reform of gun laws, which has received widespread popularity across America and Europe alike.

*Lead image courtesy of HuffingtonPost.com
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