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Masked gunman kills at least 27 in elementary school shooting

The Daily Shift’s Michael Cogley reports on a tragic shooting in an American elementary school…

Elementary school children being led to safety following a shooting in their school in Connectict

Elementary school children being led to safety following a shooting in their school in Connectict

At least 27 people, including 18 children, are dead after an elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The shootings were carried out by an unnamed attacker who has since been confirmed dead at the scene.

Reports suggest the shooter was a man in his twenties with links to the school. One of the shooter’s parents has since been found dead at home.

The shooter was armed with two handguns.

Reports from survivors of the incident claim there were at least 100 rounds being fired and one woman said that she saw two school employees die.

The shooter’s body remains in a classroom at the school.  It is also unclear as to whether or not the police killed the shooter.

It is understood that an official told the Associated Press that 18 of the 27 victims were schoolchildren.

“It doesn’t seem possible” a shocked parent said.

Local newspaper The Newtown Bee claims on it’s website that  a police officer was seen carrying a child, who appeared to be wounded, away from the school. The website has also posted pictures of some distressed students standing outside the school, with many of them crying in horror.

One young girl said a police officer raced into the classroom and told her to keep moving until she reached the firehouse. She said that there was broken glass everywhere.

In the aftermath of the shooting all the public schools in Newtown have been placed on lockdown following an order from the superintendent’s office.

The Mayor of Danbury has described the injuries many of the children have sustained as serious.

Earlier reports of a second shooter are as yet unconfirmed.

Featured image via huffingtonpost.com.
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