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Review: Snow White and the Seven Zombies kicks off the pantomime season in great style

Pantomime season has started and Chattyboo Productions are back with another adult pantomime. The Daily Shift’s Jack Squibb was sent to the opening night of Snow White and the Seven Zombies to see what it was all about…

Snow White and the Seven Zombies

Snow White and the Seven Zombies

Christmas is here and the time of giving has begun. Of course when Christmas arrives it also means it’s pantomime season! Now there’s always the traditional family friendly panto but why go to that when you can see Chattyboo Production’s adult version of Snow White and the Seven Zombies.

Snow White is the coolest Goth chick in the land. But this could be dangerous when it starts making her enemies… enemies who are jealous because they want that title. Enemies like Vomitmore, the most evil, depraved villain who ever lived and who can turn people into zombies with his soul-suckingly bad music!” – Chattyboo Productions

As you can see, this isn’t you’re normal fairytale, Snow White’s a badass, dwarves have been replaced with zombies, a wicked witch is now a wicked has-been rockstar and the beautiful woodlands is actually Passage West.

Snow White and her mother Blenda Diseases break into one of the deserted homes in a ghost estate with the hope that if they can be there for 10 years without being caught then they can claim ownership of the house. In the meantime Prince Charming is “seeking a lady wanting a fuck… Sorry wanting luck” as his camp servant put ever so delicately. Could Snow White’s rebellious and upfront attitude some how charm our dazzling prince?

Vomitmore is our villain who is pathetically desperate to make sure everyone knows he’s bad. Killing innocent kittens, toying with former Vita Cortex workers and thinking of collaborating with a certain minister of finance as he attempts to take away the coveted title of being the coolest goth in the land from Snow White and claim World domination. He relies on the powerful Spamzebub via Google glasses to track his progress as he creates a zombie apocalypse with awfully depressing music under the alias of Moany Mahoany. Moany Mahoany just so happened to be Snow White’s favourite singer. While everyone else succumbed to the dreadful songs and transformed into zombies (including the audience!) Snow White would only become more smitten by the dastardly villain in disguise. Vomitmore would continue to create new songs each worse than the previous one but continued to fail.

Would it take a greater evil to outdo Vomitmore? Will Blenda Diseases and Snow White hold onto their new home and will Prince Charming get the girl? All will be revealed in the entertaining show.

The fast moving story is packed with witty one liners, re-worked hits and fun dance numbers. Snow White and the Seven Zombies is a fun pantomime for the grown-ups although a Frankie Boyle-esque sense of humour is required at times. With plenty to cheer and boo, the audience were engulfed in the new version of this classic fairytale as it rolled out laugh after laugh in all scenes from beginning to end.

Be sure to see this show in An Spailpín Fánach, Cork to see Snow White and co. in ways Walt Disney could never envisage when he made it into a film all those years ago.

Snow White and the Seven Zombies is performed in An Spailpín Fánach from December 5 until January 5 from Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm. Tickets cost €15/€12 and can be booked by calling (089)4427883. This show is an over 18′s event, I.D. Required.

*Lead image courtesy of Michael O’Sullivan
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