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Protester burns American flag on eve of Clinton visit (AUDIO)

Hilary Clinton is visiting Ireland to talk about human rights, but some believe her message to be hypocritical. The Daily Shift’s Aaron Mc Nicholas reports…

The protest in Dublin

The protest in Dublin

Support for Palestinian human rights and condemnation of the United States’ respect for international law were on the agenda for protestors in Dublin last night.

The demonstration, led by the Irish Anti-War Movement, brought the protesters a short distance away from Dublin Castle, where US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was dining. Gardaí blocked the protesters from marching on Dublin Castle’s grounds.

One protester had an American flag confiscated after attempting to burn it.

Click on the report below and listen to the participants explain why they took to the streets with their message. The report also contains the perspective of Richard Irvine, a lecturer from Queen’s University in Belfast who also co-directs the Palestine Education Initiative.

*Lead image by Aaron Mc Nicholas
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About Aaron Mc Nicholas

Aaron Mc Nicholas is a journalism graduate from Dublin City University. He has written articles for websites such as The Daily Shift, One Way Japan, Sino NK and TheJournal.ie. Most recently he was a researcher for LMFM Radio in Co Louth.

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