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From Boston to Dublin; Dropkick Murphys return to Vicar Street, January 2013

Dropkick Murphys, Boston’s foremost ‘Trad-punk’ act prepare to return to the Emerald Isle for what will prove to be a fantastic introduction to 2013. Michael Cogley previews…

Boston’s heavy Irish connections have never been easily missed and are easy to see in the Dropkick Murphys’ music; the claim bands such as The Clash, Sex Pistols and Ireland’s own, The Pogues as their inspirations. Their twist on the genre however, is more than obvious adding their own unique sound, an instantly recognisable raucous of “soulful choruses”.

Following last February’s sell out performance at Vicar Street, “the lads” have decided to return on January, 12 to play the same venue. With their eight and latest album Signed and Sealed in Blood due for release on January, 8 you can expect to hear one of the earliest live performances of the new material. Although fans will also hope that they don’t forget the hits that brought them their recognition. Although the band have stated that their latest breaks the mould from their last, Going Out in Style; “this is just the opposite of that…[this is] just us having fun and making the most catchy, singalong kind of songs we can…This time we cut loose”.

The band are most notably known for their singles ‘The State of Massachusetts’, ‘Tessie’ and ‘Shipping up to Boston’; a catalogue of party anthems fit for any session! Their music has appeared in numerous films but it’s inclusion in ‘The Departed’ probably being it’s biggest claim.

The Boston men are also known for their politic activism; often representing a working class point of view, they released a single, ‘Take Em Down’ in support of  the Workers’ Rights Emergency Response Fund. They also put a single forward for a compilation album completely directed at the removal of the Bush administration.

Controversial they may be but many Irish fans are eagerly awaiting their arrival for what should be a very memorable gig. Skip to 3:00 in the video below to see just an excerpt of what to expect come January.

Tickets are on sale now for €26.90 (including booking fee); click here to purchase

*Lead image courtesy of hendicottwriting.com
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