USI President John Logue released after his arrest in the Dáil

USI President John Logue was arrested by Gardaí in the Dáil while representing the students of Ireland. Cáthal Power of The Daily Shift reports…

The President of the Union of Students’ in Ireland (USI) was led away from the Dáil in handcuffs by Gardaí this evening.

John Logue arrest

USI President John Logue is led away in handcuffs by Gardaí

The Donegal native was being questioned by Gardaí for an alleged breach of Dáil rules, before it was confirmed by Deputy President of the USI that Logue had been released.

The USI President was taking part in a protest which involved 100 other students relating to the recent debacle with the SUSI grant payments. Logue and the rest of the students were in the public gallery observing a Private Members Bill from Fianna Fáil.

It is understood the students all rose from their seats and turned their backs on proceedings in protest to amendments by government parties. Mr Logue was told to sit down by security staff within the Dáil. He refused to sit down however, and was subsequently arrested by Gardaí.

A USI spokesperson had this to say about the affair:

“John Logue was arrested for the simple act of turning his back on a Dáil which has turned its back on students.”

“By voting down an amendment that would have preserved the current level of the grant and stopped fee hikes, this government has once again failed students and families.”

“Logue was supported by over 100 students, including sabbatical officers from TCDSU, DITSU and NCISU. It was a peaceful act of civil disobedience, intended to highlight the issues facing students, especially as students face into €3000 fees, cuts to the grant and a grant system that has only paid out to a minority of students who qualify for it.”

Sinn Féin TD for Donegal South West, Pearse Doherty, immediately called for Logue’s release for Garda custody. “Mr Logue should be released without charge immediately,” said Deputy Doherty.

Cork North Central TD, Jonathan O’Brien felt that it was ironic that wrecking the economy isn’t worthy of arrest, but that Logue’s actions were. The Sinn Féin TD commented, “It’s ironic that if you wreck the economy you get a €500k per year salary, but if you stand up for students you are slapped in handcuffs.”

Logue has recently been in the media, having been part of The Frontline panel on RTÉ, as well as being on the panel on Vincent Browne’s show on TV3.

*Lead image courtesy of USI twitter
*Main quote courtesy of DonegalDaily.com
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About Cáthal Power

Hey everybody,Media Production graduate from CSN in Cork. Currently studying a BA in UCC. Co-founder and former Editor of The Daily Shift. Former Head Editor of Studenty Cork and Sports Editor of the site also-which obviously means I'm big into sport. Football (soccer to the culchies) is number one, followed very closely by any sport which involves motorbikes. Moto GP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes, road racing etc. Have a couple of bikes myself too. Also enjoy other forms of racing which involve 4 wheels. Two is much better though....rambling, so i'm going to stop now!

5 comments on “USI President John Logue released after his arrest in the Dáil

  1. Photo, the quote, and much of the content is from IT. Credit or UT will report.

    • Hi kl,

      Thanks for your reply. However, the photo I have attributed to the USI Twitter feed, as this is where I got the photo from. Is it the Irish Times you are referring to when you say IT or who are you referring to? Content is completely my own, we do not do copy and paste here at all. The quote is also a general quote from a USI spokesperson, which I have stated in the article. Happy to talk about this further though, and if you’d like to email me at; cathal.thedailyshift@gmail.com, then I’ll be happy to discuss this.

      All the best,


  2. [...] The President of the Union of Students’ in Ireland, John Logue, was led away from the Dáil in handcuffs by Gardaí last night for an alleged breach of Dáil rules. via USI President John Logue released after his arrest in the Dáil «. [...]

  3. John Logue wasn’t standing up for students, he was just being foolish and rude to people who have come to this meeting voluntarily. “Let’s scare the shit out of TDs” does not constitute representation. This attention seeking ‘president’ is an embarrassment not only to USI, but to students in general. USI is so ineffective because people like him continue to be in USI’s top levels for far more time than they should.

  4. “people like him continue to be in USI’s top levels for far more time than they should.”

    - He’s been in what, 6 months?

    “Let’s scare the shit out of TDs”

    - If they’re scared by someone standing up and turning their back, then good, hopefully they won’t last much longer. In truth, nobody should be scared shitless of a peaceful protest.

    Who are you talking about him being foolish and rude to? Gardaí and TDs are not there voluntarily, it’s their job. The students who came voluntarily? They came to support the same protest as him. Any other spectators? How his actions could be construed as rude to them is beyond me.

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