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Do it like a dude

Zoe Strimpel has released a book that advises single women to take the man’s approach when it comes to sex and to go on a ‘dating diet’. The Daily Shift’s Catherine Collins reviews this book…

Man with weighing scales

The man diet… for women

I picked up Zoe Strimpel’s latest book The Man Diet while wandering bored through Sydney Airport in Australia. It is, after all, the type of book you might buy while travelling long-haul. Something that looks vaguely interesting, something that might spark your attention and hold it while you try to ignore the crying children and the irate air hostesses on the plane. A book that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, maybe, a bit of a distraction. A light look at dating life with a semi-decent plot and a bit of self-help thrown in. Yay.

How wrong could I be. Instead, Zoe launched into an explanation of the dating life of the modern single woman that is as refreshingly honest and funny as it is scarily accurate. For the first time that I have seen in print media, Strimpel wittily captures the essence of today’s single working woman: freed liberally, politically, in the business world, at home, having it all, breezily skating through life in a glamorous whirl of fashion and poise, looking like you are on top of the world.

And how exhausting that can be. A woman, Strimpel claims, has never had it better. We vote and take an active part in democratic life. We are the equals of our male counterparts in business for perhaps the first time in history. We are socially, democratically, and sexually liberated. Strimpel pounces on sexual liberalisation. What does sexual liberalisation mean today, and as women, do we even really want it?

The “Sex and the City” franchise endorses a version of feminism whereby a woman takes her sexual relationships and deals with them exactly as a man does. Women should, according to Candace Bushnell, have sex like men, and not be emotionally attached or involved at all. Has this put pressure on women, Strimpel wonders, to be tough and unemotional, to approach sex like a man, to “not [be] clingy and to say yes to no-strings sex”? Is this attitude emotionally healthy for women? Are we happy with this set-up?

Strimpel interviews a range of single ladies in an attempt to answer these questions. Casual sex, one-night stands, what positions they like, what they don’t, affairs in the workplace, affairs with married men, speed-dating, internet dating, she questions it all. Are these women satisfied with their dating lives? And if not, why not?

Strimpel goes on from her social commentary on the double-standard of the dating world (the one arena, it seems, where men and women are not equals), to lay out her “Man Diet”- for all the disillusioned single girls out there having a rough time.

Maybe your boyfriend just broke up with you. Maybe the latest in a series of boyfriends just broke up with you. Maybe you had sex with a hot guy and he didn’t call. Maybe he wasn’t even that hot. Whatever your problem, pick up this book.

Single ladies, this is your Godsend. It really is the way to clear the floor. If there is a guy making you feel like crap, or you just generally feel like crap as you try to navigate your way through the confusing dating world, Zoe’s on it. In 10 chapters, she covers 10 ways for single women to “diet” from the dating world. She recommends choosing 3, trying them out simultaneously, seeing how you feel. You pick and mix and choose while you “diet”, going with whatever’s most relevant to you.  As a single girl myself, I’ll highly recommend trying them all. This diet works.

For single girls, there is no reason to let the crap guys that we all encounter to get us down anymore. Never fear, Zoe is here, to sort it all out.

*Lead image courtesy of 98fm
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