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Trending on Twitter: #churchfilms

The Daily Shift’s Jessica Thompson takes a look at the latest trend on Twitter…

My “Trending on Twitter” column has finally risen from the dead after a mass-ive lull. But pray, let me preach to thee the latest trend on Twitter: #churchfilms.

*This post is not aiming to insult any religious groups.

It seems Twitter has been taken over by this strange new trends. If films were about churches and mass, what would they be called?

I picked out some of my very favourite tweets from this trend, and it wasn’t easy to stop reading them.

All of the above are films that we no doubt recognise – but with a holy twist. The references to pews, nuns and, of course, the word “Amen” were endless.

Below are a few tweeters who simply added on a word or a syllable to existing film titles:

That last one is one of my particular favourites. It shows the importance of punctuation and how, if used correctly, punctuation can change a whole sentence. But enough with the English lesson, let’s move on…

That last one is my ultimate favourite of all the tweets I have read while researching this article.

Here’s one that is awful… in an entertaining way:

Some of these films for the ladies really caught my attention. Girls, the chick flicks have gone holy!

Now there’s a girl who knows her mass movies. There have been numerous hilarious #churchfilms in this trend, but @ChromaGeddon was tweeting trends like it was going out of style. On that note, I’ll leave you with a few more of her church films.

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