Video of Cork school girls fight goes viral overnight

The Daily Shift’s Will Fleming reports on the controversy surrounding a recent video of two Cork schoolgirls fighting that has gone viral…

Cork secondary school students fight in public

Cork schoolgirls fighting in a recent video that has gone viral

A video of two Cork school girls fighting in a public park went viral since it appeared online Wednesday night.

The video, recorded on a mobile phone by a bystander and uploaded to the internet, lasts about two and a half minutes and depicts two secondary school students viciously grappling with each other.

According to the blurb accompanying the video, the girls are first years. The video can be seen by clicking here.

A considerable crowd are visible in the video, some filming the event themselves, others directly involved, coercing the girls with rousing requests such as ‘pull her hair’.

A number of spectators are wearing school uniforms. The onlooking group is reluctant to intervene in the proceedings, allowing the girls to wrestle on the ground for roughly two minutes.

The video’s online popularity has skyrocketed, reaching approximately 5,000 views on a post on boards.ie alone.Many of the prominent social networks facilitated numerous links to the video as well as a diverse range of comments on the issue, some lighthearted and others highlighting the seriousness of it.

One tweeter, using the hashtag #firstyearfight, rather poignantly points out a disconcerting truth:

‘Just thinking that this time 5 months ago those girls were making their confirmation.. Wow’

The alleged motive for the fight can be seen in the title of a forum on boards.ie: ‘Cork First Year Girls Filmed Tearing Each Other Apart Over a Guy’.

The overwhelming public attitude expressed on online forums is evidently one of apathy. Many said that school fights over banal issues of this nature occur quite often in primary and secondary schools, some commentators even claiming that this particular one was not very serious.

A contributor to the forum peoplesrepublicofcork.com dismissed the video as ‘nothing big’, in which the girls are ‘barely hitting each other’.

With regards to any intervention from the school that the girls currently attend or the authorities, no statement has been released as of yet.

The video remains online, despite possible legal infringements relating to the ages of those involved and a lack of consent given by them or by their respective guardians.

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3 comments on “Video of Cork school girls fight goes viral overnight

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  2. While this is pretty bad .there are far worse fights on you tube and other sites with groups of underage scumbags kicking the crap out of one guy .not to demean this ,but it harmless in comparison to some of the deeds shown on the Internet .

  3. [...] Daily Shift’s Lisa Redmond reports on the Gardaí’s investigation into a video which features two Cork school girls fighting in a public [...]

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