The GAA bring sexy back

Now that the Championship is over, we are only left with memories of major victories, devastating losses and of course, memories of the absolute hotties who graced the grass of Croke Park. Aine O Donnell of The Daily Shift recollects the most aesthetically pleasing athletes of the season,

Croke Park

Croke Park

The GAA seem to have found some serious talent and that is not in reference to sporting skills. No longer will we have to look to Hollywood to find the man of our dreams but head down to the local pitch to have a quick creep on the lads having a kick about.

We have forgotten about the glitz and glamour of famous actors and musicians; this season we were all about county pride, eating ham sandwiches and admiring the Adonis’ that lined out for our counties. Gaelic aside, who were our men of the match?

5. Bernard Brogan

Bernard Brogan

Bernard Brogan

Star of the Dublin Gaelic football team, Brogan is known for his dirty tackles but we did always love a bad boy. Insanely fit and talented, his Gaelic skills only add to his appeal. Though watching Dublin play in a match is usually a painful experience, Brogan manages to be very distracting. No wonder they always get away with everything, he is just that good looking.

4.Ross Munnelly

Ross Munnelly - Courtesy of Sportsmanager.ie

Ross Munnelly – Courtesy of Sportsmanager.ie

Laois have been doing everything right lately: firstly, they have made major progress in the Championship as they reached the quarter finals and then they have Ross Munnelly lining out for them every Sunday. As the star of the county Gaelic team, he has been bringing the pride back to Laois and that is not only because of his fantastic footballing prowess but because he has girls both county and country wide falling for him. We don’t even care that he has better legs than us. With Laois on the rise, we will only be seeing more of Ross next season. Is it summer yet?!

3. Joe Canning

Joe Canning

Joe Canning

Galway’s top scorer is making heads turn on and off the pitch. The hurling superstar was the driving force in Galway’s success this season and we were delighted to have Joe Canning on our screens all summer long. He is known for his scoring accuracy and we are quite happy to admire those arms while he puts points on the scoreboard. Such a pity that his boyish good looks were hidden away underneath that helmet!

2. Donal Shine

Donal Shine

Donal Shine

Roscommon may not be known as a big Gaelic football county and last won the All Ireland back in 1944 but now in 2012, Donal Shine is bringing Roscommon GAA back into the headlines. The yellow and blue of Roscommon has never looked better on a footballing prodigy. We will be up in Roscommon trying to chat Donal up once we get some directions….

1. Jim McGuinness

Jim McGuinness

Jim McGuinness

Forget McSteamy and McDreamy, it’s all about McGuinness. The Irish George Clooney, except younger and more attainable. He is everything you want in a man: successful, fit, intelligent and incredibly handsome. Even with the abundance of babes on the Donegal team like McBrearty, McGrath, Lacey and McLoone, our attention has been diverted to their bainisteoir. His tactical management style strikes fear into every man and his beauty leaves every woman swooning. With his Donegal accent, he really did have us all at ‘hello’. He has won Sam Maguire, he has his own song and he is leading the most talented team in the country: what’s not to love? Sam’s for the Hills and so are we!

*All images courtesy of Official GAA and Sportsmanager.ie
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2 comments on “The GAA bring sexy back

  1. Serious man crush on Jim McGuinness!

  2. Sorry gotta disagree on Joe, there are far better looking members of the Galway team! ;)

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