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Irish Sex Festival: Let’s get it on!

Hundreds are expected to attend the Fifty Shades of Grey style BDSM sex festival in Dublin this weekend. The Daily Shift’s Martina Gannon reports on the growing trends in sexual activity that the bestselling novel has inspired in Ireland…

Hundreds are expected to attend a Fifty Shades of Grey style sex festival in Dublin this weekend

Fifty Shades of Grey (naughtiness) really has shaken up the female universe hasn’t it? Sales in sex-shops (and likely battery sales) all over the world are said to have space-rocketed. It appears that many women inspired by Fifty Shades have finally embraced their natural right to enjoy and explore their sexual potential just as much as men, if not more.

This weekend in Dublin’s Morrison hotel the organisers of sex festival Bliss Weekender promise their festival-goers:

“A voyage designed to take you on a journey through all your senses that will engage & tantalise your mind, body & spirit.”

Organisers have praised the success of the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey with opening up Irish minds to sex, and BDSM in particular.

The festival programme includes lectures on Sexual Energy Mastery for Women, classes on Erotic Fiction-Writing and an Ultimate Lover Boot Camp (God only knows what that involves). There was even an advertisement for a class where ‘clothes were optional’. What on earth would the parish priest say?

It will not be Ireland’s first sex festival either. The country’s first ever Bliss weekender festival was held in February of this year under a similar sexual theme.

Organisers said that Ireland was ready to shed Catholic guilt (was not aware we had any to begin with) and facilitate their sex-lives  into being ‘a path to enlightenment, freedom and empowerment’.

So it would appear that we have gone from one extreme to the other, hopping from bible-fearing chaste Catholics almost afraid to do the hokey-pokey into sex-starved loons swarming around sex-festivals looking for our ‘bit’.

Whatever next? Public lessons on re-enactments of Fifty Shades of Grey scenes?

Watch this space…watch it real good…

Image courtesy of www.emcblue.com.

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