Review: 50 Shades of Grey

The Daily Shift’s Cassie Louise Hanlon reviews the sexy novel that has taken the world by storm…50 Shades of Grey

So, who is the most wanted man on the planet, and dare I say it, the universe? Robert Pattinson? Channing Tatum? Johnny Depp? No, it is, of course, Christian Grey. The trilogy of books 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed has taken the world by storm. Bookstores haven’t been able to keep it in stock and it has surpassed Harry Potter in sales. The books which have been branded as “Mommy Porn” have been so successful that companies everywhere are trying to cash in on this cash cow. Ann Summers have even created a 50 Shades of Grey section on its website where you can purchase some of the toys mentioned in the books.

The books centre around Anastasia (Ana) Steele and Christian Grey. Anastasia is a young naive woman about to finish college and Christian Grey is a very wealthy, extremely attractive, troubled young man. They meet by chance and Ana is soon introduced to Christian’s sexual exploits. Christian’s Red Room of Pain plays a prominent part throughout all three books along with some silver balls as they begin a dominant and submissive relationship. Christian has a very dark and troubled past and Ana, like most women, wants to fix him. We see Ana struggle to come to terms with Christian’s contracts and Christian struggles with his feelings for Ana while trying to keep their dirty little secret.

So now you have the basic idea and you are thinking about finding out more, well you have two options. You can go out and get the books or you can wait for the movie that everyone is talking about. It seems everyday another actor has been tipped to be cast in the 50 Shades of Grey Movie. Emma Watson, Emma Stone and even Angelina Jolie have all been Anastasia Steele at one point another, while Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Gosling and Ian Somerhalder are some of the bookies favourite to play Christian. Needless to say the actors who are cast will have to pull out all the stops and hold nothing back, and I mean nothing!

If you are only interested in the more controversal bits of the book and don’t want to have to read through the whole thing, then check out the video below where some of the best bits are read out for you. Beware ladies, this might make you wet your panties for all sorts of reasons.

Have you read the book? Any thoughts? Comment below.

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Hi I am a 23 year old mum of a 3 year old. Married to my amazing nerdy husband who brings out the closet nerd in me. Nothing makes me happier then a good book, a cup of tea and a few chocolate biscuits.

17 comments on “Review: 50 Shades of Grey

  1. The book’s are great now that Kristen Stewart is gone Robert Pattinson should be in the movie he is sex on legs

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  3. I was bored with it. As a woman, I love the male dominance/female submission thing, but I cannot see what all the hype is about. There’s only so many times you can read about 101 ways to reach sexual heights. I found myself skimming quickly over pages, just to get to the end of the book. I think the fanfare is all a big yawn.

    • I agree that it is a boring read. Only read first book and not at all interested in the sequels.IT is badly written and with too much repetitive dialogue(monologue). I too scrimmed the pages as it did not hold my interest at all.
      I also find it is a negative reflection of women in the twenty first century . Unfortunately someone’s fantasy was very lucrative.

  4. Totally agree with Jay – skimmed my way through the whole book. DIdn’t give up on it so I suppose it was mildly compulsive – but it certainly hasn’t left me wanting to read the sequels. Just been out and brought the sequel to Girl with Dragon Tattoo – much more like it….

  5. This book is very poorly written.I can’t believe that it was written by an adult and not a 16 year old having giggling and blushing fantasies of a secret crush.I could never sit and read this,I read the first chapter hoping it would get better,but all I see is “Oh,Crap!” I wonder…how could they publish this c**p.

    ” Oh,Crap!” Did I say that?

    • I absolutely agree, I’ve been trying to read it too, and I found it childish and boring from the start. I’ve also found a number of spelling mistakes, which just reinforces your 16-year-old girl theory!

      • I’m back again. Jessica, I was thinking this morning that it would only be 16 year old boys that would get a thrill out of this book. The narrative is so predictable, just pointless threads linking one sex scene to the next. Having made the mistake of buying the trilogy, I’m mid way through the second book and it’s as boring as the first. I skim, skipping the (yawn) same-old sex scenes, looking for a plot. There’s a vague plot, with a former Submissive stalking Ana, but it’s so tame… yes, I think you are right. The author, I’m sure, is a 16 year old boy, who failed in English and Literature at school. He must have a rich daddy in the publishing industry! When I was going crazy with boredom last night, I closed the book and opened the Da Vinci Code…. it got me in, in the first chapter… now THAT’s what I want from a book!

      • Absolutely, it’s the only explanation! Let me know how that second book goes for you, I’d rather someone told me what happens in the end rather than have to read it myself! I think once I’m finished the first book, I’m done, because even getting through this one is tedious.

      • I’ll let you know, Jessica! Don’t hold your breath though :-) It’s proving to be as dull as the first book. Watch this space.

  6. One of the worst books I have ever read. I really wish I hadn’t now. in terms of it’s BDSM content, it is nothing fancy, in fact it is over-simplistic, and the fact that Grey is a dom “Because he had a tough childhood” is one of the worst and poorest reasons ever. Also, Ana is such a naive and stupid (I know she isn’t really stupid, it’s just how she acts) characters ever. How any woman relates to her I’ll never know!

    • I totally agree with you.I am sure most of the people who bought the trilogy are now sorry they ever did,and had only bought it after reading the description expecting a very good,spicy,interesting story.I myself was tempted to purchase it after I browsed and read the description…which wasn’t badly put together.But after reading as far as I got in the first book ( the first chapter) hoping it would get better,I am now glad I didn’t waste my money…I read it for free at e pub bud.The “Dom,sub” rules and titles are so stupid they upsets me…I don’t know when since the word Dominant and submissive start using as titles when they are clearly adjectives,not to mention how many words were spelled incorrectly and how many times she said…” I flush…oh my!,I blush…oh my!,Holy crap!,Oh crap!”.Then there is the billionaire Christian Grey who is drop dead gorgeous,tall,built with an enormous penis …every 16 year old girl dream I guess.He is so predictable,not to mention the boring sex scenes repeated over and over.But he was good enough that every time he looks or touches the lil teenage girl,Ana,she orgasm…can’t stop coming lol.Then she starts blushing and chewing her bottom lip…she turns to 50 shades of red,pink,purple and blue,then Christian turns 50 shades of grey…her dream come true.The people who are encouraging this crap is worst than the author and the people who mistakenly published the books.I personally rate these books 50 shades of pure BS.

      “Oh crap!!”

  7. If you guys think the first book is bad, wait till you get to the second. I’ve never been so annoyed reading a book. Yes I’ve been bored reading books before, but not this annoyed. What irritate me are the repeated sentences:

    “Oh my” “I bit my lip”, “stop biting your lips”, “His eyes grew darker” “we aim to please miss steal” (why do they call each other by their last names..urggh!!), ” I flush” “you are mine”, “I am yours”, she tussled his hair in her hands, repeated sentences over and over and etc…

    The sex scenes aren’t even fun to read, you flip a page, its one sex scene to the next, it TOO MUCH!! It gets really old and boring. The book is poorly written. I only bought it because of the hype it was getting. I regret wasting money on it. I should have waited for the movie, it might be much better than the book.

    • I read the first book. It was boring as Hell, after reading this comment, I see that the second book is just as bad, with the same repeated sentences, so I’ll pass on that! Thanks Alana! :)

      • Jessica… I made a promise on this forum to ‘report’ on the second book when I finished it. But I am no further advanced. I started the second book weeks ago, but just cannot pick it up again. It was SO boring and stupid. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to it. Wasted my money on the trilogy which is sitting on my bookshelf gathering dust.

      • Now Jay,you deserve a spanking!!!…for even trying to read the second book after you have read the first one…or were you thinking “can it get any worse” LOL.I haven’t read the second book,but heard that it is worse than the first.

  8. Why is Ana always looking at her hands? And those annoying little fictional characters…Subconcious self and inner Goddess. Christian needs to flogg the whole pile of them!

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