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Trending on Twitter: #ThingsThatLeadToSex


What leads to sex? The Daily Shift’s Jessica Thompson had a gawk at Twitter’s latest trend to see what the masses thought.


Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you an me; so the song lyrics go. Well Twitter is exploding with sex talk today as #ThingsThatLeadToSex is trending. I had a look at the thousands and thousands of tweets to see what everyone was saying, and I picked out a few of the best.

Read on dear readers…

Ah yes there are always the men the women supposedly all want. Tom Daley surfaced regularly, as did the guys from One Direction and JLS, not to mention Justin Bieber, but none of those were worth sticking in here.


When Ash Ketchum gets involved, you know it’s serious. Ain’t nothing sexier than a guy with hundreds of pokémon cards… except for a guy with a completed book of football stickers, of course. Somebody catch me, I’m about to swoon.


I don’t watch porn myself, it’s a bit vulgar, but according to many tweets, including Conor Garf O’Riordan’s, pizzas being delivered gets the job done. And of course, Rohypnol was a very popular tweet. The word came up so often, I was surprised it wasn’t trending itself.




Now that’s just weird… Hilarious… but weird. I’m talking about both of the above tweets.


I just love that Busted song, so I had to include this tweet. That’s what I go to school for!


Congratulations Lee Price on your 500th tweet!


Good head was another popular one, but sure why wouldn’t it be? And yes, the old Fifty Shades of Grey came up regularly, with many people suggesting you buy the book for your girl, and sit with her while she reads it. Works every time apparently.

And then of course there are the more serious ones. Pay attention everyone, and allow Twitter to tell you how to get your bit.






Now that the sex tips are out of the way, here’s a tweet that might just void all the advice above.


And as editor of The Daily Shift, I had no choice but to add this one in myself.


So that’s it for today’s Twitter trend! Join me next time I see an interesting, hilarious, or stupid trend. For now I’ll leave you with the tweet of the day… Ladies, please control yourselves!


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*Lead image courtesy of Flickr


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